Sunday, 7 June 2009


I have decided to create a blog after being encouraged by Claire's and Emma's blogs, and to share my activity at the moment. I have so much going on that it would be good to put it into writing!

I have just finished a set of nights at work, mostly a nice week - except for the last patient who decided to spit everywhere and damage the trolley bed! I'm doing some overtime tonight on one of the cars, so should be reasonable. Apart from that I've got nearly 2 weeks off work! I was supposed to be trying to do some hospital placements, but the hospital keep coming up with more things to check before they will let me - bureaucracy!!

I am also in the process of buying a house, a lovely little one bedroom with a small garden, in a nice little peaceful cul-de-sac - can't wait to move in. At the moment I'm only waiting on the solicitors to get their stuff done and hopefully contracts will start being signed. I'll have a lot to do when I get the house as it is in a bit of a mess - sticky carpets, filthy curtains/walls/ceilings etc. Still I should be able to generate a small army of helpers from work to get it cleaned up - bribed with a BBQ probably. Then I'll have to decorate, and lay flooring in the lounge. I may even have to sort the kitchen out too - need to have a closer look before I decide that one!
I have also filed for a divorce and I'm currently waiting for the first lot of papers to arrive back from the court - it's amazing the amount of different forms it all takes, and I confused as to which one I am actually waiting for!

I am waiting for the divorce to complete before I can apply for my Canadian citizenship certificate, another application that needs lots of paperwork and attention!

I also have lots of cross stitch projects, either on the go already or needing to be started. But I don't have much of a stitchy bug at the moment. Although I have managed to finish 3 projects that I started ages ago - bit late but never mind. A bookmark for my Grandma (her birthday was in April!), A blue tit for my mother-in-law (her birthday was a couple of weeks ago), and something for an exchange on the stitchandcraft forum. I've just got to make them up into their finished projects and I might actually get them to the appropriate people.

I'm sure that I have more things on the go, but I can't remember at the moment so I'll post them later if I remember.

I had better go and get dressed! See you later!

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