Friday, 12 June 2009

'Tis the weekend!

I've spend the last 2 days at the hospital doing some of my placement stuff, most of it I have been in the medical GP unit - an offshoot from A&E. What a lovely bunch up there, not one person has looked at my uniform and turned away - even the patients are really nice! Civilisation! Managed to get some stuff signed off, and helped out a little too. But overall it was really nice being with and chatting to such a friendly bunch. I know a little bit more about what they have to do, and how. I've managed to arrange some more time for next week and hopefully will get to see and treat some minor injuries then.

I've also managed to finish off to stitching projects this weekend, a bookmark for my Grandma and an item for an exchange on the stitch and craft forum. I then started on a card for someone else.

I am now going to take the luxury of enjoying the whole weekend for a change, and hopefully the sunshine will find me too!

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